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Volume 2, Chapter 28 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 28

After the Donkey and Sancho catch up to Don Quijote, Don Quijote inspects his squire's injury and tells him that his braying was a foolish thing to do. Sancho accuses him of leaving his squire to be beaten to death. Don Quijote calmly states that he was retreating, not running away. Sancho complains that he is in a lot of pain and Don Quijote explains that is because he was hit with the pole. Sancho thanks him for this helpful insight and complains at length about what a bad deal it is being his squire and that he should just go home. Don Quijote says that he will endure all this disrespectful speech from his squire since it appears to relieve his pain, and that he is free to leave at any time. He instructs Sancho to take what he would consider to be fare wages from the purse.

Sancho speculates out loud about what would be fair wages, constantly finding new reasons for it to be more and more. Don Quijote accuses him of wanting everything in the purse and to leave Don Quijote penniless out on the road. Angry now, he tells him to take it all -- that it would be worth it to get rid of such a bad squire! He tells Sancho that he is a donkey and will always be a donkey. Sancho feels miserable now and cries and begs Don Quijote's forgiveness. Don Quijote says he is forgiven but he better shape up and be more cheerful and patient.

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