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Volume 2, Chapter 27 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 27

Sidi Hamid found out that the puppeteer was none other than the criminal, Ginés de Pasamonte, that Don Quijote had set free and had later stolen Sancho's donkey. He had recognized Don Quijote and Sancho as soon as he saw them.

Don Quijote and Sancho slowly make their way to Zaragoza (for the tournament). They come upon the villagers from the town being taunted by donkey braying and find them readying themselves for battle. Don Quijote tries to convince them not to pursue combat over this braying issue. Sancho jumps in and tells them how he brayed all the time as a young lad, was very good at it and no one did anything to stop him. He then proceeds to demonstrate by braying at the top of his lungs. Believing that Sancho is making fun of them; one bops the squire on the head with pole, knocking him unconscious. Don Quijote tries to retaliate, but seeing he is outnumbered and they have guns, instead chooses to gallop away. Satisfied, the villagers place the partly conscious Sancho upon his donkey who devotedly follows Rocinante. The offending village never shows up for the battle, so the offended villagers return home happy and content.

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