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Volume 2, Chapter 26 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 26

A boy narrates the story as Maestro Pedro controls the puppets. Just as the Moors are about to catch Lady Melisendra and her husband, Don Quijote rises from the audience to lend his assistance. He slices and dices the heads off the enemy puppets (a few allies didn't fare well either) while ignoring the puppeteers anguished cries. After his victory, Don Quijote talks about how lucky they all are that he was there; while, Sancho reassures the puppeteer that Don Quijote will pay for the damage. Don Quijote is finally realizes that these are puppets he slaughtered -- not Moors -- and he quickly blames the enchanters that persecute him. He pays the puppeteer and even buys everyone dinner. In the morning everyone goes their separate ways.

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