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Volume 2, Chapter 19 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 19

Soon after leaving, they meet up with two university students: one named Corchelo and the other referred to as "the swordsman". They quickly pick up that DQ's nutty, but admire him just the same. They invite him to attend a wedding with them, that is going to be a big to-do. They fill Don Quijote and Sancho in on the dramatic details behind the wedding that is to take place. Quiteria the Beautiful is marrying the Camacho the Rich, although she and a shepherd (the boy next door) Basilio have been in love since they were children. However, her father found Camacho to be a better prospect he arranged her to marry him instead. Basilio, (handsome and multi-talented) appears to have lost his mind and everyone fears he will kill himself when they marry. They arrive at the village that night amidst the wedding preparations and lord and squire go off to sleep in a field.

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