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Volume 1, Chapter 6 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 6

While Don Quijote sleeps, the priest, barber, niece and the housekeeper go into his library to carry out an inquisition on all his books (which numbered over a hundred). Upon seeing all the books the housekeeper runs to fetch holy water for the priest so that he can bless the room so that the enchanters in the books can not take revenge against them for burning the books.

Laughing at the housekeeper's superstitions, the priest tells the barber to hand him a book at a time; because, they might find some that do not deserve burning. The niece and the housekeeper feel that none should be saved; that they all share in the guilt of corrupting her uncle's mind. The Four Books of Amadís of Gaul is pardoned and granted its life due to its being the best book of chivalry written. Another book, Knighthood's Mirror, which contains stories about Reinaldos de Montalban, the Twelve Peers of France and Archbishop Turpin is set aside. Sorting through the books, they decide which ones are treasures, which deserve respect, which deserve mercy, which deserve a fiery death and even one that deserves a laxative.

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Next, they find volumes of poetry many of which romanticize pastoral themes and shepherding. The priest feels these aren't deserving of burning because they are not as dangerous. The niece disagrees, explaining that her uncle could easily become obsessed with living out the fantasies in these books.

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They critique and judge these books. They come upon Galatea by Miguel de Cervantes. They deem this book worthy of existence and the priest claims he is a friend.

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Growing tired, they decide to burn large numbers of books without inspecting them -- despite their discovery of several good books among those destined for the fire.

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