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Volume 2, Chapter 9 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 9

When midnight arrives, Don Quijote and Sancho enter the sleeping town of Toboso. Don Quijote asks Sancho to take him right to Dulcinea's palace just in case she is not yet asleep. Sancho reminds him that he never saw her in a castle. Don Quijote sees a huge shape ahead and thinks that this must be it. Sancho tells him to lead the way and maybe that's what it will be. It turns out to be a church. Sancho asks how in the world is he supposed to find a place that he has only been to once, when Don Quijote cannot find it and he has been there many times. Don Quijote admits that he has never seen her, but only heard of her great beauty and wisdom. Sancho says that he has never seen her either. Don Quijote says this is no time for jokes.

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Don Quijote is miserable. Sancho suggests that return alone during the day and arrange for him and Dulcinea to meet and Don Quijote readily agrees.

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