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Volume 2, Chapter 5 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 5

The translator does not feel that the material in this chapter to be authentic due to Sancho's uncharacteristically subtle dialogue. Sancho tells his wife Teresa (who was called Juana in Chapter 51 of Volume 1) that he is off to squire again. He tells her he would just die if he didn't feel certain that it wouldn't be long before he got that governorship. She points out that he has lived his whole life without being a governor and can continue to do so if necessary. But if he does, don't forget her and the children: little Sancho (almost fifteen) who needs to go to school and Mari Sancha who is just dying to get married.

They then have a big argument over whom Mari will marry. Sancho wants her to marry nobility. Teresa says that will be no good for Mari, who will not know how to cope with all the fancy clothes and manners required. Sancho calls Teresa a "fool", and says she could learn all that in a couple of years and that his daughter will marry whom he says she will. Teresa tells him that she will never let her daughter marry someone who could look down on her because of her lowly heritage. Sancho can go and become a governor wherever he wants; but, she and her daughter are staying right where they are.

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Sancho continues trying to convince Teresa, but using a nicer tone of voice, and they arrive at a compromise. Sancho will send for his son if he receives a governorship, since it is important for him to learn his father's trade. He agrees to wait as long as possible before making Mari a countess. He then returns to Don Quijote to prepare for the trip.

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