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Volume 2, Chapter 4 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 4

Sancho returns. He tells how his donkey was stolen the night of the day they freed the criminals (which was the same day they intercepted the corpse being brought to Segovia). They had both fallen deeply asleep on their mounts, and a thief placed four sticks under Sancho's saddle and removed his donkey. Don Quijote chimes in that this is not difficult and has been done before; citing an incidence from one of his beloved books of chivalry. Sancho tells how some days later he spots Ginés de Pasamonte riding his donkey. Carrasco says that doesn't explain how in the book the author has Sancho riding on the donkey again. Sancho suggests that it could be the historian's or printer's fault.

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Sancho is very defensive about the hundred gold pieces and says he spent them on his family. He also tells them that the author is keen on writing another book on Don Quijote and his squire since he likes the money. Sancho says the author better take his time and do a good job and that they should be out there right now righting wrongs.

They plan to leave in about three days and Carrasco recommends starting out this time in the Kingdom of Aragón where a serious tournament is being held. He also advises Don Quijote to be more careful with his life since he is responsible for helping and protecting the weak and needy. Sancho heartily agrees with this; adding, that this time he will do no fighting, but only do a crackerjack job taking care of his master. He mentions the promised Island again, but acts nonchalant about it -- if he gets it fine, if he doesn't that's find too. Don Quijote asks Carrasco to compose a poem for Dulcinea del Toboso and Carrasco promises not to tell anyone that they are planning to leave again.

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