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Volume 2, Chapter 2 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 2

Sancho is trying to get in to see Don Quijote, and the niece and housekeeper are trying to keep him out. They tell Sancho that he is the one influencing Don Quijote to go out on these trips. Sancho says it is he, who has been tricked into these adventures with the promise of an island that he has never received. Don Quijote says to let him in (he fears he Sancho will tell something he'd rather leave unknown).

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Don Quijote corrects Sancho on his assertion that he was dragged away from his home; reminding him that they were in this together. He then asks him how the public views Don Quijote and his heroic deeds. He tells Sancho to be completely honest and Sancho obliges willingly. He tells him that the common folks think he is nuts, gentlemen think he is putting on airs by adding Don to his name, and noblemen do not appreciate him trying to enter their ranks, especially with his mended clothes. On the bright side, some do think he is brave and gallant, though unlucky and has a lot of nerve. But it is all mostly negative and that includes Sancho as well.

Don Quijote reminds Sancho that the good are always persecuted; for example, Julius Caeser for his ambition and lack of cleanliness. This cheers Sancho, who then remembers his other news; that their adventures are recorded in a book already. It is written by Sidi Hamid "Eggplant" and is titled The History of that Ingenious Gentleman, Don Quijote de La Mancha.

A college graduate named Samson Carrasco told Sancho about this. Sancho asks if Don Quijote wants to meet him and of course Don Quijote does and Sancho goes off to find him.

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