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Volume 2, Dedication Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Dedication

Volume 2, Dedication

Cervantes dedicates Volume 2 of Don Quijote to Don Pedro Fernández Ruiz de Castro y Osorio, otherwise known as the Count of Lemos and Cervantes patron from 1613-1616. He tells the count that everyone has been begging him to write this sequel so they can return to a state of health after being so sickened by the ersatz sequel, written by someone else, which has been distributed all over the world.

" get rid of the disgust and nausea caused by this other Don Quijote." Volume 2, Dedication, pg. 359

The Emperor of China is so desperate for it that he offered Cervantes a job as headmaster of a school that would teach only Spanish and Don Quijote. Cervantes sings praises to the Count of Lemos for his generous patronage.

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