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Volume 1, Chapter 52 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 52

Don Quijote offers to capture Leandra from the convent and bring her to Eugenio. Eugenio expresses the opinion that Don Quijote must be nuts. Don Quijote says something unkind about Eugenio's momma and throws a load of bread in his face; and a fight between the two ensues. They call a truce after hearing a trumpet blow in a sad way. It is a parade of penitents, dressed in white, and carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary in black mourning cloth. Due to the drought in the area, they are making a pilgrimage.

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Don Quijote demands that they free this damsel, whose mournful expression, clearly indicates that she is being taken somewhere against her will. As they all laugh, Don Quijote attacks but a penitants knocks him down with a huge stick. Sancho throws himself on Don Quijote's body (he believes him dead) and wails over him and sings praises of his master. Don Quijote comes to and asks if Sancho could please put him back in the enchanted oxcart because he is not able to ride. Sancho suggests that they return home with these "gentlemen" and rest up before embarking on more adventure. Don Quijote agrees.

They enter the village six days later. Don Quijote's niece and housekeeper yell and cry when they see the condition Don Quijote was in. Upon seeing Sancho, his wife Juana, asks how the donkey is doing and if he has brought any clothes or shoes home to cheer her since she has missed him sorely since he has been away. Sancho says he has brought home better things and he will soon be a count and she a lady; but for now she should just be quiet and patient. He goes on to tell her that to be the squire of a knight errant out for adventure is truly wonderful.

Don Quijote is brought to his bed. The priest instructs them to keep an eye on him as he heals since he fears he will return to his mad delusion of practicing knight errantry.

Don Quijote does return to this, but the author is unable to find much information on his third foray into the world as a knight errant or even how he died. Eventually, he did come across some documents found in a lead strongbox (found by a very old doctor). These documents were written by professors that were members of the Academy of Armamasilla (which translates out as "cement and rear end") and included epitaphs, sonnets and poems about Don Quijote, Sancho, Dulcinea and Rocinante. Many other documents, in poor condition, were given to a professor to decipher and word has it that he has successfully accomplished this and has plans to release his findings very soon.

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