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Volume 1, Chapter 49 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 49

Following this line of logic, Sancho reminds Don Quijote that people are often referred to as acting enchanted when they stop eating, drinking, sleeping and responding to those around them; so, if Don Quijote is doing all these things, it must follow that he is not enchanted! Slippery as an eel, Don Quijote wiggles out of this snare of logic by protesting that there are many different kinds of enchantments and this may be a new kind and further adds:

"I think and believe that I'm enchanted, and this satisfies my conscience, for it would weigh heavily upon me, if I believed I wasn't enchanted and had let myself be locked up in this crate like a lazy coward." Volume 1, Chapter 49, pg. 333

But he agrees to Sancho helping him to get out of the crate. Sancho promises the priest to keep Don Quijote from running away if he will let his master out to attend to his bodily functions as the crate is becoming soiled. The priest agrees. The cathedral priest tries to convince Don Quijote that the reading of these fictitious books of chivalry have harmed his mind.

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