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Volume 1, Chapter 46 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 46

While Don Quijote is explaining his special dispensation from the rules that govern the rest of humanity; the priest is busy explaining to the police that Don Quijote is quite mad and that if they arrest him, he will only be set free. The police decide to put their energies to something more useful; i.e., stopping Sancho and the wronged barber from further injuring each other. They rule that the saddlebags be exchanged but not the harness or bridle. The priest pays the barber for the basin and the barber gives him a receipt stating he relinquishes all claim to the basin for all eternity.

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It is agreed that Don Fernando will take responsibility for Don Luis while that other servants report back to the boy's father. He also pays Don Quijote's substantial bill for his stay at the inn. Don Quijote tells Dorotea that he wants to leave the inn now and regain her kingdom for her. Sancho informs his master that he believes Dorotea to be an ersatz princess because he has seen her smooching with Don Fernando behind the outhouses. He further adds that if she's giving her favors willy-nilly to anyone staying at the inn, they might as well stay and eat their dinner and let all the whores do as they will.

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Don Quijote flies into a rage and tells his squire leave and never come back or he will let him have it. Dorotea calms Don Quijote by reminding him that Sancho is not in the habit of lying so he must be suffering from the castle's enchantment. Sancho and Don Quijote make up. Meanwhile arrangements have been made with an ox-cart driver to carry Don Quijote in a special crate made to carry him. Don Quijote takes a much-needed nap and awakes to find himself being tied up by people he does not know (everyone involved has disguised themselves) and shoved into the crate.

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Sancho recognizes everyone but waits to see what the lay of the land is. Out of sight and in a mysterious voice the Barber (of La Mancha); now assuming the role of oracle explains to Don Quijote that this is necessary to speed things up and foretells (using animal imagery) that he and Dulcinea will marry and produce children that have natures like their father.

To keep Sancho mollified he throws in a few promises about being exalted and receiving his just wages. Don Quijote is loaded up onto the ox-cart.

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