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Volume 1, Chapter 42 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 42

Cardenio et al., offer to help in any way they can; and although grateful the captive declines. Soon a coach draws up to the inn; its passenger a judge. Although there is no more room at the inn, the innkeeper's wife lets the judge use her and her husband's room with his own bed he brought. The judge has his daughter, Dona Clara with him who is also stunningly beautiful. Don Quijote welcomes him to the castle. The captive spies the judge and is 99% sure it is his brother; he asks a servant of the judge for the judge's name and indeed it is his brother, Juan Pérez de Viedma.

He also learns that his brother is very well off and confides in the priest that he is unsure how his brother will receive him since he is as poor as a church mouse now. The priest talks with the judge; to feel him out and get the lay of the land as to his character. He tells him he spent some years in captivity with a Ruy Pérez de Viedma (we now learn the captive's name); and relates the captive's history up to his capture with Zoraida by the French pirates. The judge cries; he wishes he knew whether his brother was free or safe and where he was so, that he could help him and Zoraida. The priest brings the captive and Zoraida out to the brother, and all are tearful, all are joyful as they reunite.

Finally, they all retire save Don Quijote who goes outside to stand guard. Dorotea hears a beautiful voice singing.

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