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Volume 1, Chapter 36 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 36

By a stroke of luck, or Providence as the characters believe, Luscinda and Don Fernando show up at the inn. Don Fernando had just recently swiped her from a convent. Their faces are veiled, so no one knows them at first, but eventually everyone's identity is revealed. Dorotea, ever wise, noble and forgiving, manages through her words and love to do the impossible -- to transform the narcissistic heart of Don Fernando into one both honorable and repentant! He is going to do the right thing by her and discovers that he does indeed love her:

"You have won, my lovely Dorotea, you have won. How could anyone deny such a weight of truth?" Volume 1, Chapter 36, pg. 251

Luscinda and Cardenio weep and embrace, Dorotea and Don Fernando weep and embrace -- even Don Fernando, Cardenio and Luscinda get together for a group hug. Sancho is weeping too as he feels the great rewards of Princess Micomicona (who has now turned into ordinary Dorotea) slipping from his embrace.

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