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Volume 1, Chapter 35 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 35

Interrupting the reading of the tale, Sancho comes running in yelling that Don Quijote is upstairs in the attic battling the giant and has cut off his head. He further informs them that there is blood spilling everywhere and the innkeeper realizes it is his wineskins full of wine that are losing this battle! They run upstairs to be greeted by a sight most horrid; not a bloody giant but a view of Don Quijote and his buttocks and hairy anorexic legs jumping around wielding his sword against the air. Don Quijote is fighting in his sleep and the whole floor is full of wine and the innkeeper is rightly inspired to beat the hell out of this guest from hell! They pull the innkeeper off him and splash him with a bucket of cold water to bring him to. Sancho and Don Quijote remain convinced that Don Quijote has just killed a giant. The wife goes on and on about the damage to her donkey tail. The priest assures them that they will do the best they can to pay for all this damage and they return to the story.

For a while, Anselmo continues to live in a fool's paradise. Leonela revels in the upper hand she has over her mistress; becoming more careless and bold, so that one night Anselmo, hearing strange noises, enters her room to see a man leaving out the window. To appease his anger she tells him not to kill her and she will tell him important things in the morning. He locks her in her room and reports these things to Camila who knows what important things Leonela is referring to. While Anselmo sleeps, she packs her jewels and whatnot and goes to Lothario who brings her to a convent for safekeeping.

Anselmo awakes and discovers the maid, his wife and his friend gone. After he returns from looking for Lothario, the rest of the servants have gone. Feeling as if he is losing his mind, he starts to travel to the friend he had often been staying with lately (while he was conducting his wife's test to see if she was indeed worth valuing). He learns on the way that the news is all over town (the major found Leonela escaping from the window and she told) that Lothario and Camila ran off together. Arriving at his other friend's house, Anselmo asks for paper and pen and a place to rest. Later his friend finds him dead from his misery with a note apologizing to Camila and taking full responsibility for this calamity.

"A stubborn, stupid wish has taken my life. Should Camila happen to hear of my death, let her know I forgive her, because there was no need for her to perform miracles, nor should I have wanted her to, and since I myself fashioned my own dishonor." Volume 1, Chapter 35, pg. 247

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Lothario joined the army and got killed. Camila joined the convent and soon died.

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