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Volume 1, Chapter 32 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 32

The next day, they reached the dreaded inn of Don Quijote's and Sancho's previous misadventures. They had no choice but to stay there, but at least everyone greeted them cordially. Don Quijote, grasping at the last straws of his dignity, said he would like a better bed this time. The wife said she would see to it -- if he paid better this time, and Don Quijote agreed. After he retired, she tried grabbing the donkey tail beard off the barber; saying she wanted it back. They decide to tell Don Quijote, that the princess had sent her squire on ahead to tell her people the great knight errant was coming and explain the barber's presence by saying he had come to the inn after the robbery. Discussion ensues about these popular books of knight errantry; those working at the inn are big fans of them and the innkeeper thinks they are true because they are printed by the Royal Council. As they bring out some books they have (left behind in suitcase by a guest), the priest and barber are hot to burn a few of them. The innkeeper asks if his books are heretics or "phlegmatics"? (pg. 211).

Sancho is troubled when he overhears the priest say that the books of knight errantry are not true and the innkeeper saying errantry is a thing of the past. The priest finds a short story in the case entitled, Story of the Man Who Couldn't Keep from Prying (also known as The Tale of Foolish Curiosity) and they ask the priest to read it out loud.

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