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Volume 1, Chapter 31 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 31

Sancho and Don Quijote talk at length about the visit to Dulcinea, with Sancho weaving quite a tale. He tells Sancho not to worry about his not marrying the princess; because, he will make an agreement with her for part of her kingdom before he fights the giant. As they all stop to take a rest and eat, the adolescent that Don Quijote "helped" (he was being whipped while tied to a tree), spots Don Quijote and runs to him, putting his arms around his legs and crying. Don Quijote remembers Andrés and introduces him to the others and recounts the deed he did for him. Andrés tells how, after Don Quijote left, his boss beat him so badly that he has only just gotten out of the hospital. He adds, that if Don Quijote had minded his own business, his boss would have paid him after a few more lashes. Before he leaves (with cheese and bread that Sancho has given him) he tells Don Quijote:

"For the love of God, sir knight errant, if you ever meet me again, please, even if you see me being cut into little pieces, don't rush to my aid or try to help me...because no matter what they're doing to me it couldn't be worse than what will happen if your grace helps." Volume 1, Chapter 31, pg. 209

Don Quijote jumps up to do some more violence to the boy; but, Andrés runs for his life, leaving Don Quijote with his embarrassment.

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