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Volume 2, Chapter 73 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 73

As they enter the village Don Quijote starts to see and hear omens in the activities of the villagers. He interprets them to mean that he will never see Dulcinea. Sancho points out that these things could just as easily be interpreted as good signs; but, regardless the church teaches that only idiots believe in these things. Sancho's donkey arrived in town transformed wearing Sancho's flame covered cloak (with the armor and weapons underneath) and the cone-shaped hat upon his head. Two little boys comment on how the donkey's come back all dressed up and DQ's horse is skinnier than when he went away.

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The priest and Carrasco spot Don Quijote and Sancho and hurry over to embrace them. By the time Don Quijote reaches his front door word has reached his housekeeper and niece and Sancho's wife Teresa and his daughter Sanchica that they are back in town and they are waiting by the front door. Teresa, who's a mess and not quite dressed comments that Sancho looks a little grubby for someone who has recently been governor. He tells her to shut up; after all. he has brought home money. She changes her tune to a sweeter one and they set out for their home.

Don Quijote quickly sequesters himself in his room with Carrasco and the priest. He fills them in on recent events and tells of his current plans to become a shepherd and invites them to join him. Though a bit stunned at this turn of events they agree to join him so he'll remain home. They have a good time discussing their nicknames, and those of the necessary shepherdesses. They leave Don Quijote in the care of his niece and housekeeper who do a reality rain dance on his parade and he tells them he knows what he's doing and could they help him to bed because he is feeling poorly at the moment.

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