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Volume 2, Chapter 72 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 72

A new guest arrives at the inn and Don Quijote overhears that his name is Don Alvaro Tarfe. Don Quijote recognizes that it is the name of a character from the bad sequel by Avellaneda. They speak with him and he tells how he accompanied Don Quijote to the tournament in Zaragoza and also how he didn't find Sancho to be witty at all, contrary to his reputation. Sancho tells him that the real Sancho stands before him, as does the real Don Quijote and the man believes him due to the squire's evident wit. They ask and he agrees to put it in writing that he has only first met them today and that they are not, nor do they resemble the persons whom he previously had been led to believe were Don Quijote and Sancho. As luck would have it, a magistrate and notary enter the inn and they do just that.

Over the next few evenings Sancho completes his required whippings and Don Quijote starts looking carefully at every girl they pass to see if she is Dulcinea (Merlin said she was supposed to appear the second Sancho whipped himself with the last lash). Riding up a slope they can now see a view of their village and Sancho dramatically addresses his "homeland" (pg. 737) telling it to welcome home it's son Sancho, and its son Don Quijote who although defeated in battle:

"[He] has won the battle with himself, and that according to what he's told me, is the greatest victory anyone could want." Volume 2, Chapter 72, pg. 737

Don Quijote tells Sancho to knock it off; they've got to get home and start making their plans for their new lives as shepherds.

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