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Volume 2, Chapter 61 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 61

Don Quijote and Sancho visit with Rocque and his men for three more days and witness their constant need to keep moving, hiding, and watching to avoid arrest. Don Quijote cannot understand why anyone would choose this lifestyle! On the fourth day, Rocque and some of his men escort him and Sancho to the outskirts of Barcelona, arriving at night. Rocque hugs Don Quijote and Sancho good-bye and gives Sancho the promised the dollars. In full armor and upon his horse Don Quijote waits for the sun to rise before entering the city. Dawn brings with it the sound of flutes and drums and bells and a view of the sea that quite amazes lord and squire as they had never seen it before this day. They stand awed at the sight and sound of all the galley ships and their booming cannons.

Many men on horses and in uniform ride up to Don Quijote and bid him an eloquent welcome -- heralding him as the bright star of knight errantry. They specify that they are welcoming the real Don Quijote of Volume One, not the ersatz Don Quijote of the second volume of published lies. They introduce themselves as friends of Rocque Guinart and invite him to come with them. Don Quijote assents gladly and eloquently; they surround and escort him into the city accompanied by drums and flutes.

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As they are entering the city's gates, two youngsters manage to stuff prickly brambles under the tails of both horse and donkey resulting in squire and lord being pitched to the ground. This was no set-up but unlucky luck and after removing the offending items from the rears of their mounts, they go on to their guide's impressive house.

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