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Volume 2, Chapter 59 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 59

Volume 2, Chapter 59

Squire and lord wash and rest by a stream. Don Quijote tries to get Sancho to whip himself three hundred times while he himself rests. Sancho promises he will keep his promise but not just now. After their nap, they travel a bit and then reach an inn. As Sancho and Don Quijote, along with the innkeeper eat in their room they overhear a conversation from the room next door. Someone is asking a Don Gerónimo to read to them from Don Quijote de La Mancha: The Second Part. Don Quijote jumps up and hears the man reply that it doesn't compare with the first book. The other gentleman, Don Juan, says this is true and he finds it upsetting that (in the second book) Don Quijote is no longer in love with Dulcinea. Don Quijote screams through the wall that this is a lie. Upon learning that it is Don Quijote himself speaking to them, the two men rush into the room. Don Gerónimo hands him the book to look at; Don Quijote reads through several pages and comments on the author's bad judgment in bad-mouthing Miguel de Cervantes. He also points out that there are grammatical errors and Sancho's wife has the wrong name. At this point, Sancho pipes up and they tell him that he is depicted as a glutton and a fool in the second book.

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They gentlemen invite Don Quijote to dine with them, leaving Sancho and the innkeeper to their preferred stew. They ask Don Quijote how is Dulcinea faring these days; specifically asking after her virginity or has she had a child? Don Quijote informs them that she is still a virgin, but has been transformed into a common peasant by enchanters. He fills them in on the events concerning Montesino's cave, Merlin's appearance in the woods and Sancho's required whippings. The two men are struck by the strange union DQ's intelligence and madness make. After his stew, Sancho joins them and learns that he is depicted as a drunk in this second book. Don Quijote finds out that this author Avellaneda of the second part of this history has lied about him already competing at the Zaragoza tournaments to which he is headed. Don Quijote decides to skip the Zaragoza tournaments and compete at some in Barcelona instead -- to prove this author is a liar!

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