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Volume 2, Chapter 56 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 56

Later that day the steward arrives and entertains the remorseless Duke and Duchess with the details surrounding Sancho's horrific last day as governor. They instruct their footman, Tosilos on how to win the fight without wounding Don Quijote.

A great crowd arrives that day at the battlefield, along with Doña Rodríguez and her daughter. As he enters the field, the footman takes a good look at the daughter and finds her beautiful. As the trumpet signals to attack, Don Quijote charges over while the footman stays still and calls for the master of ceremonies. Don Quijote stops, and the footman tells the master of ceremonies that he considers himself conquered and will willingly marry the young lady and then tells this to Doña Rodríguez. Tosilos removes his visor and the dueña and her daughter scream that they have been tricked. Don Quijote explains it's those evil magicians changing one face for another again. Though very angry at first, the Duke now laughs and suggests they lock up the footman for two weeks and see if he turns back into the daughter's lover. The daughter calms down and says she is thankful to the footman and will be proud to be his wife, but the Duke still locks Tosilos up.

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