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Volume 1, Chapter 10 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 1, Chapter 10

Following the fight, Sancho asks for his island (that Don Quijote had promised him). Don Quijote informs him that they have not all adventures are island winning adventures that some are merely cracked head and missing ear adventures.

Don Quijote asks Sancho if he has ever read of a knight any braver than Don Quijote. Sancho admits being illiterate, but says he has never worked for anyone as bold. He then asks to bandage Don Quijote's ear that continues to bleed profusely. Don Quijote tells him that if only they had some Saracen Fierabra's balm, (legendary embalming fluid used for Jesus), which he has the recipe for, they wouldn't need any bandages. While he continues to bleed, he gives Sancho instructions on how to apply this balm to future wounds. He tells Sancho that even if he finds him cut in half, Sancho need only place one half upon the other, administer a few drops of the balm and Don Quijote will be good as new.

Sancho, who knows a good deal when he hears one, asks if he can have this recipe instead of the island. Don Quijote addresses Sancho as friend and promises him greater rewards than even these. Since they have no balm now, Sancho gathers the bandages and medicine from his saddlebag. Don Quijote spots his ruined helmet and throws a fit, vowing to avenge the man who ruined his helmet. Sancho reminds him that if the Basque presents himself to Dulcinea, he is no longer indebted to Don Quijote. Don Quijote commends Sancho for his wisdom and instead pledges to win in battle another helmet of equal quality, as in the case of Mambrino's helmet. (Mambrino is a king in the book Orlando Innamorato by Boiardo.) Later, in their search for somewhere to spend the night, they come upon some goatherd's huts.

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