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Volume 2, Chapter 54 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 54

The Duke and Duchess tell Don Quijote's they have arranged for him to meet his opponent in four days. However, since the real culprit is in Flanders, they (unknown to Don Quijote) are substituting their footman. They also tell Don Quijote that the girl is lying -- that she was never offered marriage. Don Quijote is high with anticipation and can hardly wait to show everyone his knightly skills.

As Sancho makes his way back he meets up with foreign pilgrims begging for alms. One of the pilgrims is an old neighbor of his who being a Moor had to leave the country, Ricote the Moor. Ricote recognizes Sancho first and finally seeing through the disguise, Sancho recognizes his old friend and they embrace. They invite Sancho to eat with them and as the rest fall asleep afterwards, Sancho and Ricote talk.

Ricote had left when there was only the rumor of exile to seek out which country he and his family should settle in; finally, choosing Germany for its religious freedom and live and let live attitude! He travels with these pilgrims once a year where they turn quite a profit seeking alms. On this trip, Ricote also plans to dig up a treasure he left behind near his old home. Ricote asks Sancho to come and help him and he'll give him two hundred dollars. Sancho turns him down, explaining that he has just come from being the governor of an island and isn't interested in getting involved in any intrigue or anything illegal. He asks Sancho what did he get out of being a governor and Sancho tells him he learned that he doesn't want to be one.

Sancho tells him he remembers the day Ricote's family were exiled and how Ricote's beautiful daughter wept hugging her girlfriends good-bye. Also, the rich heir, Don Pedro Gregorio (who was in love with her) was never seen again after that day. It is time to go, so they say good-bye and good luck to each other.

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