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Volume 2, Chapter 52 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 52

Back to Don Quijote. Having heard that he is planning to leave, Doña Rodríguez and her daughter (in mourning clothes) beg him to remember and keep his promise to help them. The Duke and Duchess, are a bit surprised because this plot twist is not of their making. The dueña suggests that hell could freeze over before the Duke lifts a finger to help. She needs Don Quijote to challenge this man who is breaking his promise to marry her daughter. Don Quijote is eager to challenge the rogue and the Duke says he will take care of all the arrangements and have it take place at the castle. Don Quijote temporarily gives up his status as nobleman so that he can enter into lawful combat. The Duchess says that the dueña and her daughter are to be treated as ladies errant in search of justice and are given a room to themselves.

The page returns with the letters from Teresa. The Duchess reads hers out loud to the Duke and others in on the joke. Teresa thanks her for the gifts and tells her that no one in town believes her that Sancho is a governor since they think he is a fool. She asks the Duchess to ask Sancho to send money so that she and her daughter can come and present themselves at court, and become people of respect. Don Quijote gives the Duke and Duchess permission to open Teresa's letter to Sancho.

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She tells Sancho how excited she is about their future and how Sanchica wet her pants when she heard the news. Also, that no one in town believes it is true -- but that it is a trick -- and that Samson Carrasco plans to come and talk to him about this. She tells how three girls from their town were taken away by soldiers; but, she will not give their names in case they return (they'll need their good reputations). They all have a good laugh at these letters. A messenger brings the letter from Sancho to Don Quijote. This too is read aloud and causes them to wonder if Sancho is smarter than they think.

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