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Volume 2, Chapter 51 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 51

Back to Sancho. The doctor convinces Sancho that his diet recommendations will improve his mental powers and so poor Sancho sips on water and eats a bit of fruit preserves for his breakfast. His first duty of the day is to hear court cases. This concocted case is a real doozie like the others he has heard; but again he makes a ruling that is fair and wise. The steward (who knows they will be playing a joke on him that night) rewards him by giving him a lunch that the doctor would never have approved. A letter arrives from Don Quijote mentioning he has heard that he is governing well and attributes this to a modern day miracle. Sancho dictates a letter back telling of Doctor Recio and how he expected to be pampered as a governor and instead feels he is fasting and doing penance. He wishes that he had something to send back but he has not earned any money yet; though, they make good enema tubes and bags on this island. He also asks Don Quijote to forward any letters of Teresa's, as he is dying to hear from her.

Sancho spent the rest of the afternoon drawing up laws that are still in use and referred to as "The Great Governor Sancho Panza's Legal System".

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