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Volume 2, Chapter 49 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 49

Back to Sancho, whose fast-improving communication skills and insight and wisdom since becoming governor continue to astonish those around him. He allows the doctor to stay under the condition that Sancho be allowed to eat as he chooses; and, he chooses plain peasant food. He states that he's going to get what he's entitled to on this job, but no more -- no bribes. He expects his food and his donkey's to be taken care of. The butler says Sancho has been fair and sensible as governor and no one wishes to make any trouble for him. The steward mentions how sensible and wise the governor's words are for an uneducated man -- how the tables have been turned and "jokers find that they're the ones being fooled." Volume 2, Chapter 49, pg. 615

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Setting out with Sancho to patrol the island are the steward, secretary, butler, chronicler and some constables and scribes. They soon hear and swords clashing and find two men who stop fighting as soon as they see the law officers. Again, Sancho makes a wise ruling on the combatant's conflict and makes several others that same night (one of which wasn't even a plant).

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