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Volume 2, Chapter 45 Notes from Don Quixote

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Don Quixote Volume 2, Chapter 45

Sancho and the cast of characters accompanying him arrive at the walled-in town of Baratario (or Baratario Island as it has been named to Sancho), population one thousand. The inhabitants come out gladly greeting their new governor, taking him to the cathedral and then presenting the keys to the city to him. Those who were not in on the secret were struck by their new governor's small stature, shape (quite round) and clothes. Brought to court and seated on the governor's throne they tell Sancho that tradition requires him to answer a difficult question from which the citizens can decide if the new governor is a blessing or curse. Just then Sancho finds out that they have inscribed his name on a wall with "Don" in front of it. He tells them to have that removed -- he is just Sancho Panza -- and to bring on the question.

Sancho hears three cases. One involves a tailor and a farmer; another, two old men, a loan and a cane; and the last a woman's stolen virtue and a pig seller. His rulings on these cases are astute, insightful and wise, impressing everyone. A dispatch of the fun events is sent to the Duke and Duchess.

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