Chapter 9 Notes from The Picture of Dorian Gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Chapter 9

Basil comes to visit Dorian and see how he is doing after the tragedy; he heard he went to the opera, which of course could not be true, and has been very worried. Dorian tells him that he did, in fact, go to the opera last night, and had a good time. Basil is horrified that Dorian is not more upset, but Dorian assures him that he was upset for a time but just got over it quickly. Basil tells him, "You look exactly the same wonderful boy who, day after day, used to come down to my studio to sit for his picture. But you were simple, natural, and affectionate then. You were the most unspoiled creature in the whole world. Now, I don't know what has come over you. You talk as if you have no heart, no pity in you. It is all Harry's influence, I see that." Chapter 9, pg. 122

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Dorian, speaking a long tirade similar to the ones Lord Henry has spoken to him, tells Basil about Sibyl's death being one of the great tragedies, and scolding him for not being happy when he saw that Dorian is getting on with his life. Basil agrees not to speak about it any more, but asks if anyone around the theatre knew Dorian's name, which he assured him they did not. Basil notices the portrait covered by a screen and goes to take a look at it; Dorian, horrified, stops him and tells him he must not. Basil was hoping to exhibit it in the fall, and Dorian, incredibly fearful and remembering Lord Henry telling him that Basil had a secret about why he had not wanted to exhibit it before, tells Basil that they can exchange their secrets about the painting. Basil goes on in detail about why he had not wanted to exhibit the portrait; he tells Dorian about his influence, that he had come to worship him, but that he sees now it was silly to presume that other people could see that in the painting. Dorian tells him that his confession was not a big deal, and says he did not really have a secret to tell. Basil agrees not to show the portrait, if that is what Dorian wants. He asks Dorian to sit for him again, but Dorian refuses. Basil leaves, and Dorian decides that he must hide the portrait.

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