November/December 1943 Notes from The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank November/December 1943

Wednesday, 3 November, 1943

Daddy plans to order a lesson in Latin, and he asks Koophuis for a New Testament.

Monday evening, 8 November, 1943

Anne tells Kitty that if she were to read all her letters, she would be struck by how many different moods there are, and she is presently depressed.

"I see the eight of us with our 'Secret Annexe' as if we were a little piece of blue heaven, surrounded by heavy black rain clouds. The round, clearly defined spot where we stand is still safe, but the clouds gather more closely about us and the circle which separates us from the approaching danger closes more and more tightly. Now we are so surrounded by danger and darkness that we bump against each other, as we search desperately for a means of escape. We all look down below, where people are fighting each other, we look above, where it is quiet and beautiful, and meanwhile we are cut off by the great dark mass, which will not let us go upwards, but which stands before us as an impenetrable wall; it tries to crush us, but cannot do so yet. I can only cry and implore: 'Oh, if only the black circle could recede and open the way for us!'" Monday, 8 November, 1943, pg. 103

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Thursday, 11 November, 1943

Anne's fountain pen fell on the floor last Friday and was accidentally swept up and burned.

Wednesday, 17 November, 1943

Elli cannot visit because people in her home have diphtheria. Margot is progressing in Latin. The sixteenth of November was their one-year anniversary of being in the annexe. Dussel has been very disagreeable lately.

Saturday, 27 November, 1943

Anne has a waking dream of Lies Goosens, one of her closest friends. Lies asks her why she has deserted her, and begs Anne to rescue her from hell. Anne questions why she was chosen to live and Lies was sent off to a concentration camp:

"Lies, Lies, if only I could take you away, if only I could let you share all the things I enjoy. It is too late now, I can't help, or repair the wrong I have done. But I shall never forget her again, and I shall always pray for her." Saturday, 27 November, 1943, pg. 108

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Monday, 6 December, 1943

For Christmas, Anne and Daddy compose a poem for each person and put them all in a decorated laundry basket. Everyone is pleased and laughs.

Wednesday, 22 December, 1943

Anne had the flu. The war is at a standstill and they are cranky with heavy food.

Friday, 24 December, 1943

"'Would anyone, either Jew or non-Jew, understand this about me, that I am simply a young girl badly in need of some rollicking fun?'" Friday, 24 December, 1943, pg. 111 She misses fresh air, but insists on not pitying herself.

She thinks of the mother that she wants to be to her children someday, a mother who does not take things too seriously, who would be called "'Mumsie.'"

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Saturday, 25 December, 1943

Daddy is so modest and tolerant that it is rare that he expresses anything of his own feelings. Anne hopes to grow to be like him.

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Monday, 27 December, 1943

Koophuis, Kraler, Miep and Elli prepare a lovely Christmas cake and presents.

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Wednesday, 29 December, 1943

On Tuesday night, Anne thought again about Lies and Granny. She misses Granny and feels remorse for Granny's suffering and loneliness. Anne berates herself for being selfish and cowardly and for not having enough faith in God. She hopes that she is praying enough so that God will perform a miracle and save her fellow creatures.

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