September/October 1943 Notes from The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank September/October 1943

Friday, 10 September, 1943

They are overjoyed to hear that Italy has unconditionally surrendered. The bad news, though, is that Koophuis must have more abdominal surgery.

Thursday, 16 September, 1943

Relations between the members of the Secret Annexe are worsening. Mealtimes are silent. Adding to the tension is that one of the warehousemen is suspicious.

Wednesday, 29 September, 1943

It is Mrs. Van Daan's birthday. All they can give her is food and flowers. Mr. Van Daan and Daddy seem especially tense and angry lately.

Sunday, 17 October, 1943

Koophuis is back. Mrs. Van Daan throws a fit because they are out of money, and she does not want to sell her fur coat. Everyone is feeling a bit crazed. Anne studies.

Friday, 29 October, 1943

More fights between the Van Daans. Anne is so affected by the tension in the house that she goes to bed crying. She longs for fresh air, and sleeps to pass the stillness and fear.

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