January/February/March 1943 Notes from The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank January/February/March 1943

Wednesday, 13 January, 1943

Anne is upset to see more people being dragged off and separated and sent off to camps or the war. She writes that she and the others in hiding are the lucky ones.

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Friday, 30 January, 1943

Anne wishes that people would accept her nature as God made it.

Friday, 5 February, 1943

Anne is constantly contrasted with the more mature Margot. They laugh at Mrs. Van Daan's nonsense regarding what to say when flirting.

Wednesday, 10 March, 1943

Anne is very afraid of the sounds of the guns and planes, and seeks her father's comfort. Mrs. Van Daan fearsburglars in the house, but it is only rats. Peter gets bitten.

Friday, 12 March, 1943

The members of the Secret Annexe are eating so many beans that Anne can't stand them anymore. She is reading a book about the war, writing, and the emancipation of women, and she is not very interested. She has grown out of all her shoes.

Thursday, 18 March, 1943

Turkey has entered the war and there is great excitement.

Friday, 19 March 1943

Turkey is not in the war after all. Anne hears of the terrible conditions of a German soldier who is excited to be interviewed by the Fuhrer.

Thursday, 25 March, 1943

Noises in the warehouse make them paranoid and none of them sleep well.

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Saturday, 27 March, 1943

Anne is excited about learning mythology and everybody thinks it is crazy. Mr. Dussel is making a fuss out of a minor cold. There has been an order to deport all Jews out of the German-occupied territories before July 1. Anne gets nightmares thinking about all the people being sent to slaughterhouses. There is some good news: saboteurs have gotten into the German Labor Exchange and destroyed important papers.

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