October 1942 Notes from The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank October 1942

Thursday, 1 October, 1942

When the bell rings loudly Anne thinks it is the S.S, but it is only the postman. She does not like that Mrs. Van Daan flirts with Daddy. Peter and Anne make the grownups laugh by cross-dressing. Elli has gotten Anne and Margot new dresses, and Anne comments how different they are in quality as compared with before the war.

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Saturday, 3 October, 1942

In a quarrel, Mummy tells Daddy what she thinks of Anne and then cries. Anne hears and tells her father that she likes him more than Mummy.

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Friday, 9 October, 1942

Anne tells Kitty that her Jewish friends are being taken away by the dozen. They are loaded into cattle trucks and sent to Westerbork, a concentration camp in Drente, Holland. She has heard that the conditions there are horrible-one bath for a hundred people; men, women, and children all sleeping in one room. She hears on the radio that they are being gassed. Anne has to tear herself away from the terrible stories Miep is telling her. She tells her of an old Jewish woman who was waiting for the Gestapo to take her away, and no one would take the risk to take her in. As a punishment for sabotage, the Germans execute hostages and describe the deaths as fatal accidents. Anne is disgusted: "Nice people, the Germans! To think that I was once one of them too! No, Hitler took away our nationality long ago. In fact, Germans and Jews are the greatest enemies in the world." Friday, 9 October, 1942, pg. 36

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Friday, 16 October, 1942

Anne writes about how she likes her French but finds math foul. She and Margot read pieces of each other's diaries and talk about the future. She chases Peter off, then lies on his bed. She asks Margot if she is ugly and Margot tells her she is not.

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Tuesday, 20 October, 1942

Anne's hand is shaking. Someone begins knocking, pulling, and pushing the cupboard that hides the secret door and Anne is sure that she is about to die. It turned out to be Mr. Koophuis, and that the door to the Secret Annexe had been jammed.

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Thursday, 29 October, 1942

Anne tells Kitty that she is worried about Daddy, who has a fever and a rash, which looks like measles. They cannot call a doctor because they are in hiding. All of Mrs. Van Daan's possessions have been taken out of her home, and no one has told her because they do not want to hear her moaning about it, since they had to leave all of their things too. Anne reads a book that mentions prostitution, and she says that she would die of shame. She writes that she longs to have her period. Mummy is making her pray with her, and while Anne finds the prayers beautiful, she does not like to be pious just to oblige.

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