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The Diary of Anne Frank March 1944

Wednesday, 1 March, 1944

Burglars steal a projector and Kraler's portfolio. They are scared, because the thief may have been one of the warehousemen, and he may have heard Mr. Van Daan.

Thursday, 2 March, 1944

Mummy tells a discouragedElli that she should think of others' troubles. Anne thinks it is stupid to make oneself more miserable. Mummy is jealous that Anne talks more to Mrs. Van Daan. Anne advises Peter to talk to Daddy and become his pal.

Friday, 3 March, 1944

Anne feels comforted by Sabbath candles. Peter governs her moods. She sees warmth in his eyes. He asks if she is in love-she says why, and he says, why not. She worries that he does not like her chatter, but is sure that he feels as happy as she does.

Saturday, 4 March, 1944

Anne sits close to Peter during her lessons. Later, she finds him waiting for her, and wonders if he is going to fall in love with her after all. Mrs. Van Daan teases her.

Monday, 6 March, 1944

Anne longs to help him overcome his solitude and indifference. "Oh, Peter, if only I could help you, if only you would let me! Together we could drive away your loneliness and mine!" Monday, 6 March, 1944, pg. 150 She is glad that the Van Daans have a son, and she lives from one meeting to the next.

Tuesday, 7 March, 1944

She thinks back to her life back in 1942, how unreal it seems. She was king of the castle at school, driving away her emptiness with pranks. Her carefree school days are over and she does not even long for them, for she has found her flaws and changed herself. She has a desire for beauty and nature, and writes that people should recapture happiness.

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Sunday, 12 March, 1944

Anne loves talking to Peter, but her longing for him makes her feels miserable. She pours her sadness into her diary and is happy by day. Margot takes her too seriously.

Tuesday, 14 March, 1944

The people who gave them the illegal food coupons have been caught. The potatoes are rotten. Mrs. Van Daan feels sick at the smells. Mr. Van Daan smokes to forget and craves meat. Mummy craves rye and disapproves of his smoking. Mr. Frank is easygoing and optimistic. Mr. Dussel is retentive.

Wednesday, 15 March, 1944

Their hosts are all sick, and this has the potential to leave them isolated. Luckily, Henk comes to see them. The doctor's office is extremely busy due to the war.

Thursday, 16 March, 1944

The weather is lovely. Anne is more restless than Peter because he has his own room and she does not. She has closed up in order to maintain her outward calm while desire and common sense wage war inside her. She wonders how someone so quiet could like her noisiness, and wonders if their mutual pity will turn to love.

Friday, 17 March, 1944

Their hosts are better and they are relieved. Margot and Anne are tiring of their parents' strictness. The family structure is disintegrating, largely due to the fact that Anne and Margot are still treated as children. Anne feels independent and superior over Mummy because she does not exaggerate, is not prejudiced, and is more precise.

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Sunday, 19 March, 1944

Anne decides to talk things over with Peter. He has never kissed anyone, nor has he confided in his parents. They talk about how different things were in 1942, but how they are now glad for the company. He says her cheerfulness helps him, and she feels that they now share a secret.

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Monday, 20 March, 1944

Peter invites her to look at the moon with him. In trying to treat her like an adult, Daddy is being cold. Anne worries that Margot is jealous and loves Peter. Margot writes Anne that she does not hold a grudge, and that she would not confide in someone unless they were on intimate terms. Anne writes her that she strives to be sweet like Margot and Daddy.

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Wednesday, 22 March, 1944

Margot writes Anne that she should not feel guilty about Peter, or pity her, that he is like a younger brother. Anne writes about how handsome he is, and wonders if he thinks of her as only a sister. She is glad he knows that she is a dreamer like him. She will put in a good word with Peter for Margot and invites her to join them.

Thursday, 23 March, 1944

The men who got them their food coupons are freed from jail. Their hosts are better. The Germans were cowardly enough to shoot at soldiers as they were fleeing their plane. Dussel and Van Daan make remarks when Anne goes up to see Peter, and Peter says that the grown ups are just jealous and have forgotten their youth. Peter tells her to laugh because he likes her dimples, and they compliment each other's looks.

Monday, 27 March, 1944

Politics are a touchy and opinionated subject for everyone. The British are making non-stop air raids, as are the Germans making non-stop lies. The parents listen to news all day and Anne believes it is affecting their brains. They are cozy in their nightgowns listening to a speech by Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain, but nervously await the consequences of the speech and are anxious to debate it afterward.

Tuesday, 28 March, 1944

Mummy forbids Anne to go upstairs often because she thinks Peter is in love, and because Mrs. Van Daan is jealous. Peter has invited Margot to join them, and Anne wonders if it is just out of politeness. Daddy does not object, so she is stuck between her parents. She wonders if she will ever feel his cheek against hers, as she felt Peter Wessel's in her dream.

Wednesday 29 March, 1944

She hears on the news that they will be making a collection of diaries and letters after the war. She wants to publish her diary so people will read about how the Jews lived in hiding. People line up for food, and thefts and riots are frequent. However, sabotage increases, as very few of the Dutch are on the "wrong side."

Friday, 31 March, 1944

It is cold. The Germans occupy Hungary, which is bad news for Jews. Things are calmer with Peter, and she can talk about anything with him, even menstruation. She is happy.

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