February 1944 Notes from The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank February 1944

Thursday, 3 February, 1944

The Germans may resort to flooding certain areas to defend Holland from the English. The families are worried about what will happen if they evacuate Amsterdam. Everyone has a different idea of what to do. Henk and the men of the Secret Annexe argue over the inhumane lengths to which the Germans will go. Anne does not care much whether she lives or dies, for the world will keep turning without her, so she trusts to luck.

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Saturday, 12 February, 1944

Anne feels intense longing. She feels like it is spring in her mind, body, and soul.

Sunday, 13 February, 1944

She notices that Peter looks at her. She wants to be alone a lot, and Daddy notices.

Monday, 14 February, 1944

Peter tells Anne he gets very tongue-tied, and admires how she always says exactly what she wants. She senses a real friendship, as she has only known with her girl friends.

Wednesday, 16 February, 1944

It is Margot's birthday. Anne goes to get her potatoes and when Peter tells her that they are first rate, she glows, seeing that he wants to please her. When he tells her that he feels useless, she tells him that he has a very strong inferiority complex. They talk about Daddy. She sees that he needs more affection, and that he hugs his cat Mouschi often.

Friday, 18 February, 1944

She tells Kitty that she is not in love, but that her talks with Peter give her confidence and friendship. Mummy says she will be a nuisance to him, and gives her suspicious looks.

Saturday, 19 February, 1944

Anne does not know how to reach Peter. She cries, thinking she has imagined that she is special; that he does not need her to confide in, and she is scared of being alone again.

Wednesday, 23 February, 1944

Anne goes up to see Peter every morning. Looking at the blue sky outside the window, she comes to the revelation that while she does miss outward, or material things, she still has her inward compensation, which is her happiness with Peter.

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Sunday, 27 February, 1944

Anne thinks of Peter constantly. They have a lot on common, including the lack of a mother and a constant battle with their inner feelings, though he is shy and she noisy. She wonders how long her common sense will keep her longing under control.

Monday, 28 February, 1944

Anne is in despair but pretends to be happy. Peter Van Daan and Peter Wessel have grown into one in her mind, and she longs for him. She is tired of her family.

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