January 1944 Notes from The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Anne Frank January 1944

Sunday, 2 January, 1944

Anne is ashamed to see that she wrote that she hated Mummy. She writes that the anger, which she showed her mother, could have been expressed in private or in her diary so that it did not reach her mother's heart.

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Wednesday, 5 January, 1944

Mummy has said that she thinks of her daughters as friends, but Anne writes that a friend cannot take a mother's place. She loves what is happening to her body, and her period, which is her "sweet secret." She remembers a time that she had an urge to kiss a girl friend who was sleeping over, and to feel her breasts. She longs for a girl friend.

Thursday, 6 January, 1944

Anne longs to talk to someone and goes to Peter's room and cannot help but chatter. She looks deep into his eyes. She has a romantic dream of Peter Wessel, who she had a crush on before going into hiding. She still loves him.

Friday, 7 January, 1944

Anne was fond of a boy in kindergarten, then years later met and fell in love with a good-looking boy named Peter Wessel. His older friend told him that Anne was childish, and he gave her up. She prays to God that she will meet Peter when she gets out of hiding and that he will realize how he has missed her.

Wednesday, 12 January, 1944

Anne has been practicing dance and made herself a dancing costume. Margot is maturing into a real friend. Anne writes of how she can see herself through others' eyes, and look at her life from the outside. She talks more about her mother's coldness. She thanks God for sending Peter as her helper.

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Saturday, 15 January, 1944

A great fight leads to the division of food.

"The war goes on just the same, whether or not we choose to quarrel, or long for freedom and fresh air, and so we should try to make the best of our stay here. Now I'm preaching, but I also believe that if I stay here for very long I shall grow into a dried-up old beanstalk. And I did so want to grow into a real young woman!" Saturday, 15 January, 1944, pg. 125

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Saturday, 22 January, 1944

Anne writes that is horrible that people hide their feelings and do not trust one another. Anne has also noticed that as selfish as Mrs. Van Daan is, she is easier to talk to than Mummy. She wants to start fresh and reexamine her relationship with the Van Daans.

Monday, 24 January, 1944

Anne remembers that Mummy told her never to discuss sex with boys. Peter's cat Boche looks pregnant, but he points out the cat's male genitalia. Anne remarks on how normal the situation was, and that he did not mean anything unpleasant.

Thursday, 27 January, 1944

Anne likes working on family trees, listening to the radio, and reading about the cinema and theater. She is upset that people don't like it when she tries a new hair style

Friday, 28 January, 1944

Anne apologizes to Kitty for giving her the same news again and again. They can all finish each other's stories. Miep and Henk are always cheerful.

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