The Nun's Priest's Tale Notes from The Canterbury Tales

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The Canterbury Tales The Nun's Priest's Tale

An old woman kept a small farm with many animals, including a prized rooster named Chanticleer. Chanticleer crowed incessantly and had seven hens, including the beloved Pertelote. During his sleep, Chanticleer groaned and dreamed that a large yellow dog chased after him. Pertelote mocked Chanticleer's cowardly behavior and said that dreams are nothing but meaningless visions brought upon by ill humor and bad health. Chanticleer responded that he believed dreams to be prophetic and began to tell the story of a traveler who predicted his own death through a companion's dream of a murder where the victim's body was taken away. He goes on to talk about another man's dream that a friend had drowned and that those exact events actually came true. Chanticleer and Pertelote talk of many famous sayings and proverbs until they realize that men and women are perfect for one another. Chanticleer then goes in the morning to search for herbs, where a fox grabs him. Pertelote squawked loudly, alerting the old woman who chased the fox. During the chase Chanticleer was able to trick the fox into speaking, which allowed him to escape from the fox's mouth. The tale ends with everyone alive and safe.

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