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The Canterbury Tales Table of Contents

The Canterbury Tales Book Notes is a free study guide on The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Browse the summary below:

  Author Biography / Context of the Work

  One-Page Plot Summary

  Character Descriptions

  Object/Place Descriptions


  Topic Tracking

      Topic Tracking: Christianity

      Topic Tracking: Loyalty

      Topic Tracking: Sexuality

      Topic Tracking: Violence

  Chapter Summaries

      The General Prologue

      The Knight's Tale

      The Miller's Prologue

      The Miller's Tale

      The Reve's Prologue

      The Reeve's Tale

      The Cook's Prologue

      The Cook's Tale

      Introduction to the Man of Law's Prologue

      The Man of Law's Prologue

      The Man of Law's Tale

      The Wife of Bath's Prologue

      The Wife of Bath's Tale

      The Friar's Prologue

      The Friar's Tale

      The Summoner's Prologue

      The Summoner's Tale

      The Clerk's Prologue

      The Clerk's Tale

      The Merchant's Prologue

      The Merchant's Tale

      The Squire's Prologue

      The Squire's Tale

      The Franklin's Prologue

      The Franklin's Tale

      The Physician's Tale

      The Pardoner's Prologue

      The Pardoner's Tale

      The Shipman's Prologue

      The Shipman's Tale

      The Prioress's Prologue

      The Prioress's Tale

      Sir Thopas's Prologue

      Sir Thopas

      The Prologue / Tale of Melibeus

      The Monk's Tale

      The Nun's Priest's Tale

      The Second Nun's Tale

      The Canon Yeoman's Prologue

      The Canon Yeoman's Tale

      The Manciple's Tale

      The Parson's Tale

      Chaucer's Retraction

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