Chapter 9 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 9

Raskolnikov wonders if they had already searched his room. He takes the stolen goods out of the wall and goes out. He figures that throwing it in the canal is not going to work because he would be seen. As he is heading toward the Neva (to possibly hide it there), Raskolnikov discovers an abandoned workplace and near it, a large stone. He decides to hide the loot under the stone. Raskolnikov instantly feels an overwhelming sense of relief and joy. He is rid of all evidence, he laughs. He passes the seat where the abused girl had sat the other day, and suddenly, Raskolnikov feels anger and disgust. If he has murdered for money, why is he willing to throw the loot away? It is because he is ill, Raskolnikov convinces himself. He is now nearby Razumihin's house. Again, he does not know whether it is on purpose or by chance. Razumihim is surprised to see him; they have not seen each other in four months. Raskolnikov acts like a madman, telling Razumihin one thing, and the next minute, contradicting himself. Razumihin offers him a job of translating books, but Raskolnikov refuses and leaves. He walks in half-consciousness until he feels a whip from a coachman, a result of being in the middle of the street. An elderly woman hands him twenty copecks, thinking he is a beggar. Raskolnikov walks to the bridge and looks off into a distant cathedral, a familiar site. In the past, it aroused in him a mysterious emotion. But looking outward now, he notices the irony of having through his strange theories and fancies at that particular spot. He throws the money he has just received into the river. At that moment, he feels as though he has cut himself off from everything and everyone in his life.

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Raskolnikov goes home and falls fast asleep. He wakes up from hearing his landlady, who is being beaten by Ilya Petrovitch, the assistant superintendent at the police station. Raskolnikov is lost in thought until Nastasya walks in with a plate of soup. Raskolnikov asks about the landlady and Nastasya denies that such an incident occurred. She suggests that it is the blood clotting inside of him that is causing hallucinations. After drinking some water, Raskolnikov loses consciousness.

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