Chapter 8 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 8

Raskolnikov gets up at two o' clock in the morning, in recollection of everything that happened. He is shivering with a fever. He checks over his clothes three times for any signs of blood. He then remembers the stolen goods in his pockets. He tries hiding the loot inside a hole in the wall. From exhaustion, he falls asleep again. Five minutes later he gets up, frustrated with himself for not having gotten rid of all the evidence. He fears that his reason and will are failing him-perhaps his punishment. After gathering up bits and pieces of blood stained material, he falls on the sofa again until he is alerted by a knock on the door. It is Nastasya and the porter. The porter hands him a police summons. Raskolnikov decides to go to the police station to see to the matter. On his way, he thinks about confessing.

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At the police station, he meets a young head clerk, Zametov, who tells Raskolnikov that there is an I.O.U. writ against him from his landlady. Raskolnikov gains confidence from a renewed sense of security and even talks smartly to the tempestuous assistant superintendent, Ilya Petrovitch, who questions him. Nikodim Fomitch, the superintendent, comes in and apologizes to Raskolnikov for Ilya Petrovitch's rude behavior. Raskolnikov, in a mood for talk, tells Nikodim Fomitch that he will pay as soon as he gets money, that his mother and sister are coming to visit him, and that he was at one time, pledged to be married his landlady's daughter, that she soon died, and that his landlady promised to never exercise the I.O.U. Ilya Petrovitch proclaims that these details are not relevant to them. Nikodim Fomitch is more compassionate. Zametov, the head clerk, makes Raskolnikov write a pledge letter. Raskolnikov can hardly sign it. An overwhelming sensation to confess seizes him. Raskolnikov overhears Nikodim Fomitch and Ilya Petrovitch in the next room, talking about the murders. As Raskolnikov heads for the door, he faints. When he regains consciousness, Ilya Petrovitch asks Raskolnikov when and where he went out yesterday. Raskolnikov answers that he went out at seven, and walked along the streets. There is a peculiar silence. Raskolnikov walks away from the police station, feeling that they are suspecting him of the murders.

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