Chapter 37 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 37

Svidrigailov visits several seedy establishments, going through the motions of enjoying himself. It begins to rain as he heads back home. He visits Sonia and gives her receipts (for the children's orphanage) and money, warning her not to mention it to anyone. He tells her that he hopes Raskolnikov decides on Siberia (instead of suicide) and that she would follow him there. He declares that he is off to America. Svidrigailov then visits the home of his betrothed. He presents the girl with fifteen thousand roubles and tells her parents that he will be off on an important trip. Svidrigailov makes his way to a little hotel. Lost in thought, his mind wanders in strange dreams and images, of Dounia, of flowers, and the coffin of the little girl who killed herself (because of him). He also dreams about a little five year old girl whose smile reminds him of the depraved face of a harlot. The little girl stretches out her arms; Svidrigailov wants to strike her for such hideous invitation. Suddenly, he awakes. Realizing he was dreaming, Svidrigailov feels devastated. He heads to a city tower where in the presence of a guard, he shoots himself in the head.

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