Chapter 34 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 34

Raskolnikov wonders if Svidrigailov had gone to see Porfiry. He does not think so. Nevertheless, he goes to see Svidrigailov to find out what he is up to. Raskolnikov finds himself heading towards the Hay Market, near the taverns. To his surprise, he sees Svidrigailov next to a window of one of the establishments. Raskolnikov is mystified by this chance meeting. Svidrigailov calls it a miracle. Raskolnikov gets straight to the point. If Svidrigailov has any intentions on Dounia, he will kill him. If not, what is he up to? Svidrigailov explains that he is in St. Petersburg because he is bored. He is enjoying the woman, and the possibility of hearing something new from interesting people like Raskolnikov. Listening to Svidrigailov talk, Raskolnikov considers him the biggest scoundrel in the world. Raskolnikov prepares to leave, but Svidrigailov promises to tell him about how Dounia tried to "save him."

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