Chapter 32 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 32

Afterwards, Rakolnikov is consumed by the thought of Svidrigailov. Raskolnikov feels a certain uneasiness about him. All men need fresh air, Svidrigailov tells Raskolnikov during one of their strange encounters.

On the day of Katerina Ivanovna's funeral, Razumihin comes to visit Raskolnikov. Having looked for him everywhere, Razumihin is at his wits end about how to account for Raskolnikov's behavior. Razumihin concludes that Raskolnikov must be truly mad. His mother is ill from worrying about him, Razumihin scolds. Raskolnikov tells him what he told Dounia when she came to see him. Raskolnikov knows Razumihin is in love with Dounia. Perhaps she might be in love with him as well, hints Raskolnikov. He then tells Razumihin not to try figure out his secret-that all will be revealed in time. Razumihin alerts him of a letter Dounia received, which seemed to upset her. Before leaving, Razumihin almost admits to having thought that, but he stops himself. Instead, he mentions how Porfiry told him about Nikolay's confession. To himself, Razumihin concludes that Raskolnikov must be some kind of a political conspirator who is trying to draw his sister into his secret scheme.

Alone in his room, Raskolnikov tries to anticipate Porfiry's next move, as well as figure out Svidrigailov's intentions. As he leaves the room, he runs into Porfiry. Raskolnikov invites him in, this time, feeling no immediate fear.

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