Chapter 31 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 31

Lebeziatnikov brings news that Katerina Ivanovna has nearly gone mad, running here and there, preparing the children to beg on the streets. Sonia immediately runs out. Raskolnikov makes his way home. He wonders if he could turn himself in. Some time passes and Dounia walks into his room. She tells him that she heard everything from Razumihin and that if he ever needs her help, she will be there for him. As she is leaving, Raskolnikov tells her that Razumihin is a good fellow, capable of real love.

Raskolnikov heads out. Lebeziatnikov catches hold of him and reports that Katerina Ivanovna is dangerously frantic. No one knows what to do. Raskolnikov finds Katerina and the children amidst a crowd, begging like street performers. Katerina Ivanovna is ranting and raving; the children are crying. A policeman walks up and the two youngest children run away in fear. Katerina Ivanovna falls over trying to run after them. She is bleeding from consumption, her chronic illness. They take her to Sonia's room. Katerina Ivanovna entrusts the children to Sonia's care and shortly after, passes away. Svidrigailov, who had been observing everything from a corner, approaches Raskolnikov and promises to spend the ten thousand roubles he intended to give Dounia on the funeral arrangements and the children. Asked of the motives for his charity, Svidrigailov curiously quotes from Raskolnikov's conversation with Sonia the night before. Raskolnikov finds out Svidrigailov had been listening in on them from the next room.

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