Chapter 28 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 28

Katerina Ivanovna goes through extensive preparations for the memorial dinner, perhaps out of pride. Although only a few lodgers show up for the funeral, a fair number of the lowly tenants show up for the meal. Raskolnikov is the last to enter. Katerina Ivanovna makes him sit next to her and bombards him with her complaints and gossips. Sonia enters and delivers Luzhin's apologies. During the dinner, Katerina Ivanovna is peeved that important guests have not shown up, putting the blame on the landlady, Amalia Ivanovna. Amalia Ivanovna, who had helped out with the preparations, feels unappreciated. Katerina Ivanovna makes fun of her poor Russian (calling her Amalia Ludwigovna, a derogatory reference of her German descent) and Amalia Ivanovna, in turn, insults Sonia character. The two women get in a fight and the dinner ends with them shouting at each other. Amidst the chaos, Luzhin walks in.

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