Chapter 23 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 23

Luzhin had not expected things to turn out like this. In conceit, he actually wonders why the two women fails to appreciate his generosity. Luzhin feels that all the dreams and fancies of having Dounia as his wife is in jeopardy because of a unforeseen turn of fortunes. Dounia is still his prize-the pretty girl of great character who will be eternally indebted to him. He makes up his mind to set things right tomorrow.

Back at the house, Dounia and the mother console each other for having been held captive, in a sense, Luzhin's money. Although Luzhin is gone, Raskolnikov remains pensive. Dounia asks him about Svidrigailov's proposal. Raskolnikov tells them Svidrigailov wants to meet Dounia and present her with ten thousand roubles. Raskolnikov admits that he finds Svidrigailov strange and mysterious. Dounia feels Svidrigailov is up to something terrible. Razumihin reassures her that he will protect her.

A short time passes and Razumihin engages them in a plan to start a publishing business. Even Raskolnikov is pleased with the idea. Razumihin suggests renting a flat with three rooms so that Raskolnikov, his mother and sister can all live together. Raskolnikov gets up to leave. He lets slip that perhaps, it will be the last time they see each other. He pleads with them not to inquire of him, to let go of him, that he will come back when it is the right time. Dounia protests, angry that he should worry his mother so. Nevertheless, Raskolnikov walks out. Razumihin runs out after him. Anticipating this, Raskolnikov commands Razumihin to go back and take care of his mother and sister, to never leave them. Something in Raskolnikov's face and demeanor makes Razumihin pause in horror. Razumihin finally understands. Razumihin goes back to explain to the women that Raskolnikov is ill, but that he will be back when he is better. From that day, Razumihin becomes the women's protector, son and brother.

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