Chapter 22 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 22

On the way to his mother and sister's lodging, Razumihin asks about the man. Raskolnikov recounts Svidrigailov's intentions on Dounia while she served as governess of his estate. Raskolnikov entreats Razumihin to protect Dounia from Svidrigailov.

At the house, Luzhin warns the mother and Dounia about Svidrigailov's presence in St. Petersburg. Raskolnikov learns from Luzhin that Svidrigailov is rumored to have violated a deaf and dumb girl and drove a servant to suicide. Marfa Petrovna had used her money and influence to get him out of run-ins with the law. Raskolnikov surprises everyone by speaking of Svidrigailov's visit. He tells everyone that Svidrigailov wants to propose something to Dounia. His mother asks what that may be. Raskolnikov refuses to answer in Luzhin's presence. In turn, Luzhin refuses to talk freely in front of Raskolnikov. Dounia pleads with Luzhin to get to the bottom of the dispute between him and Raskolnikov, so that they can proceed with their marriage plans. Luzhin is offended and asks Raskolnikov's mother how Raskolnikov could misinterpret his statements about his desire to marry a poor girl. The mother reminds Luzhin that he has misrepresented Raskolnikov also, in the letter stating that Raskolnikov gave away money to a girl of notorious behavior. Luzhin believes himself to be right in that matter, regardless of exactly to whom Raskolnikov gave the money. Raskolnikov tells Luzhin that he is not worth Sonia's little finger. Luzhin challenges this statement by asking Raskolnikov if he would allow Sonia to associate with his own mother and sister. Raskolnikov answers that Sonia has already done so.

Luzhin tries to influence Dounia by threatening to withdraw his proposal. Fed up with Luzhin's domineering attitude, the mother defends her daughter's good intentions. Luzhin takes her unexpected boldness to be the result of having heard of Marfa Petrovna's monetary bequest to Dounia. Both Dounia and the mother find Luzhin unbearable and they ask him to leave. Luzhin mentions having spent expenses on them, which further infuriates the women. As a last ditch effort, he reminds the women how he helped them out even when Dounia had a bad reputation. At this, Razumihin is ready to come to blows. Raskolnikov holds Razumihin back and commands Luzhin to leave without a word more.

Luzhin leaves, laying the blame entirely on Raskolnikov. And in keeping with his haughty nature, he believes that somehow, things would still work out between him and Dounia.

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