Chapter 16 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 16

Razumihin wakes up next morning having recollected everything that happened the day before. He feels ashamed for having behaved so loosely in front of Raskolnikov's mother and sister. Razumihin feels he might have made negative comments about Luzhin out of pure jealously. Zossimov comes in and says that Raskolnikov should not be awoken. Razumihin and Zossimov discuss what Zametov had told them at the housewarming about Raskolnikov. Zossimov dismisses the seriousness of the suspicion that Raskolnikov is going insane.

Razumihin heads to the women's place. He engages them in conversation about Raskolnikov's nature, his good points and bad. The mother notes Raskolnikov's stubborn nature, mentioning the story of Raskolnikov's insistence on marrying his landlady's uncomely and lame daughter, despite her objections. She asks Razumihin about the details of Luzhin's visit. This time, Razumihin is careful to present Luzhin in a better light out of respect for Dounia. He even apologizes to them for his comments the day before. In frankness, the mother tells Razumihin about Luzhin's recent letter, which calls for Raskolnikov's absence during their upcoming meeting. His presence, the letter states, will result in the immediate withdrawal of Luzhin's marriage proposal. Luzhin also mentions the incident of Marmelodov's death, reporting that Raskolnikov gave twenty-five roubles to a young woman of notorious character. The mother asks Razumihin what they should do. Dounia is adamant that Raskolnikov be present. They decide to go visit him. The mother expresses fear of seeing her son. Dounia tells her to have faith in him. On their way, the mother tells of a dream she had of Marfa Petrovna shaking her head in disapproval of her. Dounia reminds her mother that Razumihin does not know who Marfa Petrovna is. The nervous mother fears for the worst.

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