Chapter 15 Notes from Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chapter 15

Raskolnikov stares at the two women with an expression of agony. This worries his mother and she begins to cry. In a fit of irritation, Raskolnikov commands the two women to leave and see him the next day. He asks if they had seen Luzhin. Having brought up the subject, Raskolnikov demands that Dounia break off the engagement with Luzhin. Raskonikov will not accept her sacrifice. The women believe he is not thinking clearly because of his illness. Razumihin leads the women out, telling them that Raskolnikov should not be irritated lest he go off somewhere again. Razumihin, who is a little drunk, assures the women that he will look after Raskolnikov and report to them later. Both women find Razumihin peculiar, but they find comfort in his earnestness to help Raskolnikov. Razumihin escorts the women to their place of lodging. Dounia and Razumihin exchange glances. On the way, Razumihin pledges to be of service to them. Shamelessly, he falls on his knees and almost reveals his infatuation with Dounia. Upon reaching their tawdry place, Razumihin concurs with Raskolnikov, berating Luzhin for housing his fiance and her mother here. His friends might be drunkards, Razumihin goes on, but they are honest and on the right path toward truth, unlike Luzhin.

The mother is concerned about her son's erratic behavior. The daughter assures her that things will be better tomorrow. Yet, Dounia realizes that her brother will not change his mind about her impending marriage, which worries her. Razumihin comes back as promised and tells them that Raskolnikov is sleeping soundly. An hour later, Zossimov comes over and gives them a reassuring report about Raskolnikov's recovery; Raskolnikov is suffering from an illness arising out of his material surroundings and a certain monomaniacal, inner struggle. On his way out, Zossimov makes a tart remark about Dounia's attractiveness to Razumihin. Enraged, Razumihin warns Zossimov to have no such thoughts. Instead, he tells Zossimov to spend the night in watch at the flat of Raskolnikov's landlady, who seems to crave company.

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